Endoscopy (“inside look”) of the gastrointestinal organs has changed from a purely diagnostic investigation to an important therapeutic tool in many diseases. Both diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy are in constant evolution; a process with which our department is closely involved. We have performed several endoscopic studies and provide the full range of therapeutic techniques. In addition to the assessment of new technologies, recent studies have shown how patient sedation can be improved, making modern endoscopy a painless outpatient procedure with minimal risk.

A major interest is the diagnosis and treatment of early cancer of the esophagus, stomach and colon. New techniques offer opportunities to heal cancer without operation by endoscopic treatment of malignant tumours. We are participating in the development of new endoscopic approaches, such as endoscopic resection techniques. The new techniques are developed and applied in collaboration with surgeons, oncologists, radiotherapists and our partners in the biomedical industries.

The University Hospital Zurich provides the evidence base for cutting-edge technology prior to its application in private practice or in regional hospitals. In addition the endoscopy unit serves as the central training center for many hospitals in the region ensuring that the next generation of gastroenterologists provides high quality, modern medical endoscopy to the community.

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